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Merrie Monarch Festival is a week-long cultural festival that held every year in Hilo, Hawaii the week after Easter. It honored King David Kalākaua, who was dubbed the "King of Merrie" for his patronage of art and was credited with restoring many Hawaiian cultural traditions during his reign, including hula.

Many hālau hulas (schools), including some from the United States and some international artists, attend the festival each year to participate in exhibitions and competitions. The festival has received worldwide attention and is considered to be the most prestigious in all hula competitions.

Merrie Monarch Festival

The cultural impact of Merrie Monarch

Hawaii has a rich and attractive culture dating back hundreds of years. Hula's unique cultural tradition is just one of the fascinating and unique cultural heritage of this wonderful island.

Visit an island today, you will feel regretful if you don't watch a hula show. Now hula has a deep cultural association with the islands. Referring to anyone on the mainland and they will immediately think of Hawaii.

Merrie Monarch Festival

However, this is not always true. With the arrival of missionaries in the 1800s to the islands, the suppression of Hawaiian cultural traditions took effect. This happened until Kind Kalakaua worked to restore these cultural traditions to Hawaiian people. King Kalakaua, who reigned from 1874 to 1891, was recognized as the patron of the arts, especially music and dance.

It was the Merrie Monarch Festival that began until 1963 when Helene Hale decided to create this event to help increase tourism to the islands. The development festival focused on Hawaiian cultural events and finally, the hula competition was introduced in 1971. Although it was only for women until 1976.

Merrie Monarch Festival

The festival has evolved into an opportunity for the world's best people in hula to compete on a global level. Indeed, if you attend the festival, you are guaranteed to see the best men and women performing hula.

In addition to the competition, the festival also has an important meaning in preserving and sharing this Hawaiian cultural tradition through classes and seminars with everyone.

Merrie Monarch Festival

The festival is recognized as the second appearance of the Hawaiian cultural tradition and attributed to helping maintain these traditions. The festival is very important in helping attendees and students achieve the first connection with the ancient Hawaiian people of their home.

Merrie Monarch Festival is held every year at Edith Kanaka Multi-purpose Stadium, accumulated during the three-day hula competition. The festival takes place every April in Hilo and is a great time to visit the islands and experience the best in Hawaiian culture.

Edith Kanaka Multi-purpose Stadium

2018-Merrie Monarch Festival Hi-Lites - Hoʻi Hou

How to watch 2019 Merrie Monarch Festival

If you don't get a ticket to see Merrie Monarch Festival, Hawaii's top hula, don't feel bad, there are many ways to view them.

Below is the schedule of events for three nights at Merrie Monarch, as well as how to watch live shows.

  • ● Miss Aloha Hula: Thursday, April 25, 6 to 11:30 pm, Hawaii Standard Time
  • ● The Hula Kahiko: Friday, April 26, 6 pm to 12 am, Hawaii Standard Time
  • ● Hula Auana Contest: Saturday, April 27, 6 pm to 1 am, Hawaii Standard Time

To watch the contest live, KFVE local station will broadcast the event live from their website. If you want to watch it on TV, it will be in channel 1022/22 for Spectrum users and channel 1013/13 for Telcom subscribers of Hawaii.

And if you want to see what happens behind the scenes, be sure to check out the Merrie Monarch behind-the-scenes test, which will also be broadcast live and on the above channels from 8 to 9 pm, Wednesday, 24 months.



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