About Us

About Us

Alohawaii is a brand of fashion clothes, home set/home decor, shoes, accessories, etc. In addition, we are creating, designing and printing it on many product type such as: Hoodies, Bedding Sets, Leggings, Shirts, Car Seat Covers, etc (Print On Demand - POD). Conscientiously building the brand after a long time cherished, we are proud to say that Alohawaii is our priceless brainchild.

Founded by young entrepreneurs since 2017, Alohawaii has been grown up from the ceaseless endeavor of the youth, and we always keep on moving day by day to maintain our society’s roles and to bring value to customers. Alohawaii always takes steps with “Our Vision and Mission”:

- Say no with deception.

- Make benefit for customer devotedly.

- Bring the most advanced services.

- Ensure the highest quality.

- Be an outstanding fashion brand.

Our Mission

Our team burn the candle at both ends to bring all actualand spiritual value to you. By creativity, we are always researching and creating new unique designs, and the huge amount of various products. Month by month, we release more than 1000 designs and products. From bottom of our heart, we want to build the stabilized cohesion between Alohawaii and customers, which all of us are members of Alohawaii family. You can see the pool with full of love here, because we build a specialized team of customer supporting and demand researching for listening to and sharing with whoever you are.

Now, Alohawaii’s mission are still lasting – Giving you all the best and Becoming a part in your home.

Say No to SCAM!

Firstly, there is NOT any word or phrase with the meaning of “LIE” in our principle. For customers, we give all our respect and the truth from the bottom of our hearts. In case the order has been delayed, we never blame any related party, we recognize our responsibility and notify the order’s status to the customer. Then, we deal with it the best way.

Secondly, Customer Experience is better focused on than making revenues. That customer confidence, it takes a long time to build.

You can choose the payment method between Stripe (by Visa/Master Card). It means the refund policies are availability and customers’ benefit are completely protected. If there is any scam, we instantly get the consequences, not only losing the payment gateways but losing you - our indispensable customer.


So you will pay for quite an amount, what's in it for you? Satisfaction? Period? As a buyer, do you make payment for the products only? If it is for the service, the experience, and respect, we’ll make sure that you can shop without the fear of losing money as ever steps are secured because we do have a stress-free return/refund policy.

We do not treat our customers as customers, we treat you as our friends and friends will try their best to not let each other down.

Finally, sincerely thanks for visiting and joining a part of Alohawaii Fam. If you are ready to own distinctive items for yourself, here is the shopping guide, click to do purchasing yourself: "Step-by-step guide for purchasing with us."

Contact us:
- Email: support@alohawaii.co
- Address: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958
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- Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/1stalohawaii/